Nice Place Hotel
soi Skaew Beach, Pattaya Thailand

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Nice Place, soi Skaew Beach Pattaya


Located a five minute taxi ride away and can truly be said to be quiet, but still so close to the centre of the Pattaya nightlife as to not make you feel left out.


A four storey building with 27 decent rooms


Six of the rooms overlook the quiet street

24 hour bar available

All rooms have:




Ensuite bathroom



Great place to relax


24 hour bar for insomniacs (with happy hours)


Great views of Pattaya Beach (from the roof)


Friendly staff


Comfortable rooms, not expensive


Prices start from 400 baht per night and weekly/monthly  rates are available


All part of the Spicy Girls GoGo mangement team

To contact Les, either send an email to Spicy Girls (see below) or call him direct (from abroad +66 38 710827) or within Thailand 038 710827 at the Den Bar


Weekly & monthly hotel rates available