An Excellent Night Out On The Town

By Steven Lewis  - Freelance Writer -  As Featured in the South China Morning Post
(Steven Lewis must love Spicy Girls, this is the second article he's published about us!)

In common with the other bars featured in this column
Spicy Girls A Go Go has attracted international media attention
since opening in 1999

Britain's Channel 4 featured the bar in Bangkok Bound, a documentary series about the libidinous pleasures of Thailand. That particular episode followed a "glamour photographer" named Adrian to Pattaya, where he was on assignment to photograph girls naked for Asian Babes. He found success in Spicy Girls, managing to persuade two girls to return to his hotel room for a photo shoot.
Owners Martin and Ewan (last names are as rare as teetotallers in Pattaya) have made their bar one of the friendliest go-go bars in town. Customers are seated on stools at high tables that line the walls. On a narrow wooden stage running down the centre, four or five smiling girls dance round poles in their knickers. Other girls, resting between dance routines, circulate, making the customers feel at home. At a customer's invitation, they will sit for a drink and a chat, one of the bar's principal attractions. The chat is generally better if the customer speaks at least a little Thai. It can otherwise be on the limited side: "Where you from? When you arrive Pattaya? When you go?" Customers wanting a private chat, and perhaps a little lie down, can hire one of the short-time rooms upstairs. A customer may even ask a girl to step out with him for a night out on the town. "You want go with me?" [sic] This can be arranged through the bar.
First time customers need not worry about the dress code. Informality is the bedrock on which Pattaya was built. T-shirts "generally purchased earlier in the day from a street vendor" and shorts are the order of the day. Trousers are rarely seen and footware is almost invariably open-toed. In the event that the visitor does not have suitably informal attire, Spicy Girls sells a range of T-shirts
The bar is busiest later in the evening although it opens at 7.30 p.m. for happy hour. Customers are advised to eat before coming, as food is not served, unless it is someone's birthday or another noteworthy occasion, in which case a pig is often barbequed on the street outside over half an oil drum in the traditional Thai-bar style. Nothing packs the customers into a Pattaya bar like free pig.
With its clientele going by sobriquets like Dirty Brian, Dave the Thrush, Evil Roy and Roy the Rat, Spicy Girls is off the paparazzi trail. You are unlikely to find Tom Cruise eyeing the dancers over the top of his Ray Bans, while Nicole Kidman whistles up something with parasols from the cocktail list. In fact, a request for the cocktail list is likely to be met with a blank stare.  As with most bars in Pattaya, the drinks selection is on the basic-side. Beer, spirits and the usual mixers are the drinks of choice in Spicy Girls, beer in particular. Few of the men sitting like Weebles on the stools around the room have nourished their rotundity with pina coladas and Singapore Slings.
The only beautiful people in Spicy Girls work there, which is the idea. It is, however, surprisingly popular with couples. "A lot of people think the girls will be bothered by a falang [foreign] woman coming in, but they are not at all." says Martin. "In fact, falang couples often arrange to take one of our girls out on the town together."
Dress: Optional.
Service: Intimate and personal.
Clientele: Mostly men between 21 and a telegram from the Queen. Occasional couples.
Prices: HK$18 for a bottle of beer
Verdict: Not to everyone's taste, but an excellent night out.