Getting Here To Spicy Girls

Read these Frequently Asked Questions and then
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Where is Pattaya & how do I get there?
Getting to Thailand is up to you, there is always an abundance of travel agents offering discounted flights to Bangkok.
Once here Pattaya is located 130km south-east of Bangkok.
From Bangkok's new international airport it takes an hour and a half in an aircon taxi for which you'll expect to pay about 1,500 Baht.


Is it expensive?
Look at this table of typical prices of goods & services in Pattaya



There are literally hundreds of hotels in and around Pattaya, giving an enormous choice ranging from small single bedded rooms with a fan to five star hotel luxury and costing from 400 Baht to 7,000 Baht a night.

We can help you book online with a selection of Pattaya hotels, just click here

Beware!     click here to look at this table of charges for overnight guests at some Pattaya hotels


Nightlife at Spicy Girls

How much do drinks cost in Spicy Girls?
Our beers are priced at 90/95 Baht each, that's US $2, ?1.20 or AU$3.
Ladies drinks are slightly cheaper at 90 Baht, there are no high priced rip-off drinks and there is no cover charge.
From 7 - 8.30pm our happy hour has beer on sale at only 75 Baht!
For even extra value, Sangthip/Mekhong and Chang Beer is on sale for 65 Baht all night long!

Food & Climate

Will I like the food?
Thai food can sometimes be quite fiery to those not used to it, but there is an equal amount that is very acceptable to western palates. There are opportunities to sample the local food in many restaurants and hotel coffee shops (a good place to start for the less experienced), as well as on the street - the same as the locals.

Can I find western food here?
Let me see, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Macdonalds, Pizza Hut, Burger King, Swensens Ice Cream, for starters and all of these happen to be located in the same shopping mall!
There are also numerous privately run European restaurants serving excellent food, see our English Food page.

What's the weather like?
Three letter word beginning with H and ending with T.

What clothes do I need to bring with me?
Lightweight clothes and shorts are ideal. Sometimes in the cool(er) season (November - December) it can be nippy in the evening so bring a sweatshirt.
Thais are naturally very modest so if visiting a temple or palace, to avoid causing offence remember to wear a shirt and long trousers and not a vest and shorts.



Is Thailand Safe?
Compared with most European or American cities, Thailand is very safe. Maybe you occasionally hear in your country about tourists having died while in Thailand. The reason that the reports get into the foreign press is because there is very little crime against tourists and therefore it becomes a big story.
It is a lot safer to wander around Bangkok or Pattaya at night than London, New York or Sydney.


Visas and Passports

Do I need a passport?
Yes and it needs to be valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival in Thailand.

What about a visa?
For most countries (including the USA, Canada, Australia, Western Europe), you do not need a visa for stays of 30 days or less.  You will get an automatic 30 day tourist visa free of charge when you arrive at Bangkok Airport. However make sure you have a return flight ticket or an onward ticket, occasionally you may be asked to show this as a condition of the 30 day stamp.

Daytime activities

How about these for starters:
Motorbike touring - see Spicy Girls Recommendations page
Sunbathing on Pattaya's many beaches
Water sports - scuba diving, parasailing, jet skiing


Well, what are you waiting for 
when are you coming to Pattaya and Spicy Girls?